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Becca & Luke's surprise Proposal (AND WEDDING!)

In our almost decade of experience working in the wedding industry, we have never before been a part of anything quite like Becca & Luke's wedding.  Simply put, we made history this day!  

Luke contacted us a couple weeks before his wedding date to tell us about his BIG plans:  To propose to his girlfriend Becca on May 3, and to have a surprise wedding immediately after on the same day! Luke had everything planned out in critical detail. There were huge plans in motion that Luke was handling, like flying Becca's family and closest friends in from overseas to witness everything. And then there were also the smaller (yet still important) details and logistics to take care of, like setting up hair and makeup appointments and making sure the guests were in the right place at the right time on the day of the wedding.  Luke even worked with Becca's mom in advance to make sure Becca had a Wedding dress lineup to choose from.  After seeing how well-thought out everything was, and how sincere Luke's intentions were, we were totally locked in and ecstatic to be a part of it.

On the morning of the proposal we showed up bright and early to Lanikai Beach, which was beautiful and couldn't have been more perfect.  We posed as beach-goers, hiding our cameras from plain view and trying to be as inconspicuous as possible.  Luke and Becca showed up with their snorkeling gear, and funny enough, Becca unknowingly sabotaged our plans by being too nice and making Luke setup camp away from our pre-planned spot, as to not block our view of the water.  Needless to say, everything went awesome anyway:  Luke dropped the ring in the sand while they were out snorkeling (which was attached securely to a fishing line), and Becca found it.  She said YES of course, and the rest of the plans for the day unfolded on schedule with absolute ease. Luke's intuition that Becca would go all-in on a whim without hesitation was spot on. 

For a day where almost anything could have potentially gone awry, we were so happy when the stars aligned and everything fell into place. That said, we also do feel that even if something did deviate from the plan, everything would have been okay in the end-- Becca and Luke are just that kind of couple.  They aren't JUST good together, they are pure and genuine, and completely in love with each other and the moment.  It was incredible to see such a whirlwind of emotions in the span of one day.  We are so impressed that Luke pulled it off, and feel super lucky to have been a part of this once in a lifetime experience.

Lori & David's wedding at Hickam AFB Officer's Club

Lori and David are a super cool and unique couple.  We really dug how creative the design for their wedding was and how everything was personalized with their touch.  Not to mention they have awesome taste in music, and their wedding included a playlist for the dance floor that took us through the decades!  It was super fun from start to finish, and we couldn't be more happy to have been there to capture every moment.  Lori and David deserve the best in life and we know they will have much success in everything they do.  It was awesome to cross paths with them and now we have new amazing friends!  We wish them the very best in the years to come!  Here's a little preview of some of the footage we captured.   

Always a pleasure Kim and Frank Amodo and Maria at Afaires Event Planning!

Anne & Jaryd's Day Highlight - Kahala Hotel 12.5.15

Anne and Jaryd are as sweet as they come, and we were lucky to spend the day with them at the Kahala resort back in December.  Every part of their wedding was intricately planned, crafted and designed and all day we were surrounded by super amazing people--Family, friends, vendors-- Everyone was so easy to work with and beyond accommodating. The weather was gorgeous, the light was just right, and everything fell perfectly into place.  We especially loved the design of the Reception ballroom and how every part of the decor was unique and customized by the couple and by friends.  

Anne and Jaryd are so good together, and it's obvious how much they love each other.  Every part of their wedding--from their sweet and simple personal vows to each other, to their epic choreographed first dance--was a clear and humbling reminder to us about why we like doing the work that we do.  Many heartfelt thanks and well wishes to our friends, Anne and Jaryd! 

Great to work with Chrissy Lambert Photography!