hale koa estate

Lauren & Kaipo's Hale Koa Estate Wedding

We’re back at one of our favorite wedding venues, the Hale Koa Estate in Hau'ula! Intimate, lush, and full of color, the Hale Koa Estate never fails to impress us whenever we film here.  Lauren and Kaipo chose the perfect location for their wedding, as it really did reflect their personalities and dynamic as a couple. Though they kept reminding us that they’re not used to being filmed, their camera-shyness only made their screen presence even sweeter and more candid, and by the end of the day, being in front of the camera seemed second-nature to them!  From the laid back getting ready, to the upbeat party at the reception, we really enjoyed getting to know them and their warm and loving families.  Thank you guys for letting us be a part of such a personal wedding, for being so warm and hospitable throughout the entire day, and for being so easy to work with!

And of course we could not have had this experience without the help and referral from Kristin & Chad, who since getting married in January, started their very own wedding business as well!  All the decor and setup from Lauren and Kaipo’s wedding is all thanks to Kristin & Chad’s amazing dedication and creativity. When you have the chance, check out their beautiful work:  HNL Events!