A Personal post -- An update on Garbanzo, Bean, and Ipu

It's been 8 months since Marlene first found three 1-week old chicks abandoned in a paper bag at the park.  We fell in love with these cuties immediately, and were super lucky to find them a beautiful and loving home at the Equine 808 Horse Rescue in Kunia.  When they were young we visited them as often as possible, but over the last few months it's become harder and harder to find the time.  Whenever we are able to make the drive out, it's always worth it.  Spending time with these three is always the highlight of our day.  We had the morning off, so we took a break from editing to get some b-roll shots for a video we're putting together about long-term health care, and then we hopped on over to Kunia to visit the babies.  Here they are at 8 months out:  Garbanzo (the rooster), Bean (the one that looks like a black bean), and Ipu (the light gold one).  I think they still remember us!  

Our goal for down the road is to compile a "time-lapse" video of them growing up-- We have loads of video footage that we've captured over the last 8 months.